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CANCELLED - CPER SAPIENS (Shifts in the Anthropocene: Immigration, Ecology, and New Media Studies)


Organisatrices : Anne-Laure Fortin-Tournès, Ramona Mosse, Anna Street

The fields typically covered by the term posthumanism, while already myriad in themselves, are rapidly expanding from the nebula of philosophical and  echnoscientific knowledge to include international crises such as climate change and immigration. While the human is being eclipsed by the rise of technology in the digital age of virtual realities, the all-too material realities of climate change and geopolitical upheaval are also banishing the human being, not only from its privileged position of ideological sovereignty, but in many literal instances (70 million and counting) from its land of origin as well. We would like to invite renewed investigation into these planetary-scale displacements of the human along three principal areas of inquiry: immigration, ecology, and new media studies