Langues, litteratures, linguistique des universités d'Angers et du Mans

MAY 27-29 2015 Le Mans – Workshop ANR P-RECIHC (Reading in Europe : Contemporary Issues in Historical and Comparative Perspectives)


MAY 27:

14:00 – 15:30 : Welcome –Members recap- Objectives, extant research and broad lines of actions (B. Ouvry-Vial)


16:00-18:30 : Database issues (1) (S. Towheed, F. Vignale, G. Michelin) SEE DATABASE session schedule


20:00 : Dinner (Takayanagi, le Mans)


MAY 28 :

09:00-10 :30: Database issues (2) (S. Towheed, F. Vignale, G. Michelin)- SEE DATABASE session schedule


10:45-12:30 : Petr Pisa & Michael Wögerbauer- Summary on European censorship issues ; WGS potential issues


12:30-13:50: Lunch Break (Informal discussion on potential European Cultures Master Program- F. Laurent ; S. Servoise);

14:00-16:00: Thematic session (1) Reading as Playing –Case studies (F. Orestano ; N. Esposito ; Macu Armedillo)


16:30-18:00 : Thematic session (2)-  Reading as Playing/ Gaming- Keynote (Milad Doueihi) and discussion

19:00 : Dinner (Takayanagi, Le Mans)


MAY 29 :

09:00-10:30: H2020 criteria and demands (A. Sonntag)  Guest-case study- Other funding possibilities


10:45-11:30 : WG meetings or potential issues (adjacent lecture rooms, ground floor)

General Planning


11:40-12:30 Closing Reception   - Vice-Pdt for International Relations – CieL Bldg on Campus


The main objectives of the meeting are:

-       Review the Action’s 2 main objectives (cf. submission file)

-       Assess a framework of collaboration (forum Apereo, WGs, Regional clusters…)

-       Identify ERC & National relevant extant research & research programs

-       Pinpoint relevant scientific and societal focuses;

-       Planify contributions to the Database and activities directly  related to the objectives.




Participants (List and e-mails) :

Macu Armedillo Sanchez, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland

Roxana Balauca, U. of Cluj‐Napoca, Romania,

Laurent Bazin, UVSQ, France

Jean-François Botrel, Rennes 2. U, France

Lodovica Braida, U. Degli Studii Milano, Italy

Etienne Candel, CELSA, Paris-Sorbone, France

Pauline Chasseray-Peraldi, CELSA, Paris-Sorbone, France

Milad Doueihi, Paris IV-Sorbonne, France

Nicolas Esposito, Ecole de l’Image des Gobelins, Paris, France

Danielle Fuller, Birmingham U., UK

Claire Gauzente, Nantes U., France

Gustavo Gomez-mejia, Tours U., France

Cora Krömer, U. du Maine-Le Mans, France

Roar Lishaugen, Oslo U., Norway

Hans-Jürgen Lüsebrink, Saarland U., Germany

Claire Madl, Czech Academy od Sciences, Prague, Czech Republic

Elisa Marazzi, U. Degli Studii of Milano, Italy

Gautier Michelin, U. du Maine, Le Mans, France

Francesca Orestano, U. Degli Studii of Milano, Italy

Brigitte Ouvry-Vial, U. du Maine-Le Mans, France

Petr Pisa, Czech Academy od Sciences, Prague, Czech Republic

Damiano Rebecchini,  U. Degli Studii of Milano, Italy

Nathalie Richard, U. du Maine-Le Mans, France

Matthew Ruberry, Queen Mary U., London, UK

Raquel Sanchez Garcia, U. Complutense, Madrid, Spain

Albrecht Sonntag, ESCA, Angers, France

Mate Toth, National Library, Budapest, Hungaria

Shafquat Towheed, Open U., London, UK

Jiri Travnicek, Czech Academy od Sciences, Prague, Czech Republic

François Vignale, U. du Maine-Le Mans, France

Michael Wögerbauer, Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague, Czech Republic


Danielle Fuller <>, RAQUEL ESTHER SANCHEZ GARCIA <>, Elisa Marazzi <>,,, Claire Madl <>,, <>,,, Matthew Rubery <>,,,,,,,,, Nicolas Esposito <>,, Nathalie Richard <>, Cora Krömer <>, albrecht Sonntag <>,, Gautier Michelin <gm @,  Laurent Bazin <> , francois.vignale @, Damiano Rebecchini <>