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Parution de Shakespeare in Performance - Editors: Estelle Rivier and Eric C. Brown


Shakespeare in Performance
Editors: Estelle Rivier and Eric C. Brown

Cambridge Scholars
Isbn13: 978-1-4438-4782-7
Isbn: 1-4438-4782-8

Cet ouvrage est le fruit de deux colloques organisés par Eric C. Brown et Estelle Rivier, en novembre 2011 (Université du Maine, Le Mans) et mai 2012 (University of Maine, Farmington). Il inclut aussi des contributions nouvelles.

Projet soutenu par le laboratoire 3 LAM

contributors (selon la table des matières): Martin Andrucki ; Misty Beck ; Eric C. Brown ; Michael Dobson ; Diana Henderson ; Misty Krueger ; Douglas Lanier ; Benaouda Lebdai ; Patrick Le Boeuf ; Doyle Ott ;Valerie Pye ; Estelle Rivier ; Daniel Salerno ; Mariangela Tempera  

Synopsis :The fourteen essays included in this collection offer a range of contributions from both new and well-established scholars to the topic of Shakespeare and performance. From traditional studies of theatrical history and adaptation to explorations of Shakespeare’s plays in the circus, musical extravaganzas, the cinema, and drama at large, the collection embraces a number of performance spaces, times, and media. Shakespeare in Performance includes essays looking not only at sixteenth- and seventeenth-century stagings of the plays in England, but at productions of Shakespeare across time in the United States, France, Italy, Hungary, and Africa, underscoring the multiple embodiments and voices of Shakespeare’s art and including a variety of cultural approaches. The work is ultimately occupied with a number of questions generated by these continual iterations of Shakespeare. How can we write and trace what is ephemeral? To what purpose do we maintain the memory of past performances? How does the transmediation of Shakespeare inform the most basic interpretive acts? What motivates Shakespearean theatre across political borders? What kinds of meaning are produced by décor, movement, the actor’s virtuosity, the producer’s choices, or the audience’s response? Each essay thus, to some degree, describes and voices the now unseen.
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