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Online Seminar

17th October 2022

Online SeminarPerforming Water : Depths

This fourth webinar will take a deep dive into the concept of water and the origins of thought. We are inviting two scholars, R.V.P. Glasgow, author of The Concept of Water, and Jamie Linton, author of What Is Water? The History of a Modern Abstraction, to present their work and then engage in dialogue about how the notion of “thinking with water” can encourage alternative knowledge practices.


Jamie Linton is a geographer and researcher at Géolab UMR 6042 CNRS, University of Limoges, France. First as a journalist and free-lance writer based in Canada, and later as an academic, he has researched and written on water and water-related issues since the 1990s, transitioning from relatively positivist to more critical approaches along the way. The author of numerous articles in scientific journals, books and other publications, his work since the 2000s has questioned the modern paradigm of water management by mobilizing concepts such as "modern water", the "hydrosocial cycle", and multiple (ontologies of) waters.

Rupert Glasgow is an independent scholar born in Sheffield and currently based in Zaragoza. He obtained his PhD from Würzburg University and is presently visiting professor at Le Mans Université. As well as The Concept of Water (2009), he has written three books on comedy and philosophy: Madness, Masks and Laughter: An Essay on Comedy (1995), Split Down the Sides: On the Subject of Laughter (1997) and The Comedy of Mind: Philosophers Stoned, or the Pursuit of Wisdom (1999). His most recent books are The Minimal Self (2017) and Minimal Selfhood and the Origins of Consciousness (2018), and he co-wrote the script for the much-viewed Kurzgesagt video on consciousness. He is currently working on forms of collective selfhood.


Performing Water team:
Anna Street
Anne-Laure Fortin-Tournes
Ramona Mosse
Kamila Mamadnazarbekova


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