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THÈSE : Literature and African women’s empowerment : A revisitation of a selection of Amma Darko’s fiction

Début le 01/12/2014

Sous la direction de Benaouda LEBDAI, 3L.AM, Le Mans et d'Augustin Y. AINAMON, Université d’Abomey-Calavi (BENIN

Bourse Formation des  formateurs

In the novels under study, Darko spares no details in describing the burning pain as well as the violation, humiliation and shame on her protagonists. As a matter of fact, one can notice the friction between, on the one hand, the strong desires of independence to choose freely their own ways, to follow their own preference in the quest of happiness, and on the other hand, traditional and modern restrictions that require submission, abnegation, resignation, discouraging any slight wish of change, innovation in the life of the woman.

The question then is: do contemporary African men and society have the will to make things much better for women? As a matter of fact, the writer creates characters empowered by their education, their belonging to female gatherings which give them evident sources of resistance. Though contemporary men are aware of the culture of men helping women with all their traditional chores, they still practice the local culture which burdens the woman with all household chores.

From Amma Darko’s works, one deciphers that the following factors are crucial to the realization of women’s renaissance in Africa: a dialogic engagement between men and women and past African culture and present tradition, a conscious effort by society to provide support services for women and children; a balance in system of governance which promotes equality of the sexes; an education system that sensitizes society on current personal safety and reproductive health choices (MUTE and Media); and the creation of a male African personality (Sylv Po and Teacher) that is proud of its women and has a strong sense of security in the face of feminine development, a contribution which did not exist in the past. 

My concerns in this thesis are expressed in the following questions that prompted me to embark on this research work. I have also to deal with some concepts and approaches.

  1. Can literature contribute to empower African women?
  2. What is it that makes Amma Darko such a controversial novel writer?
  3. What is Amma Darko’s representation of women in African society?
  4. What far can the restoration of African women’s image help the continent’s development?
  5. What is the philosophy of the new African women in Darko’s selected novels?
  6. Is there any connection between African women new challenges and her personal development?

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  1. Atelier pédagogique à l’Institut des Sciences Biomédicales Appliquées (ISBA) de Cotonou
  2. Journée d’Etudes à Rouen du 1er au 10 mai 2012
  3. Séminaire pédagogique du 13 au 15 septembre 2012
  4. Journée d’Etudes à Saint Louis et à Thiès : 03 au 11 mai 2013
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  6. Journée d’Etudes à Corte en Corse/France : 17 au 26 avril 2014
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